Antzertech’s CAN-to-ADR Straightens the Road towards Seamless Vehicle Positioning

Antzertech’s Patented CAN-to-ADR Technology Easily Accesses Data from In-vehicle ECUs to Provide Enhanced Automotive Dead Reckoning that Strengthens Overall Vehicle Navigation

Taipei, 04/06/2020 – Antzertech takes its aim at the automotive navigation market with its innovative CAN-to-ADR (automotive dead reckoning) technology. CAN-to-ADR brings two major advantages to the automotive aftermarket: reducing the time and cost of ADR integration into customer’s in-vehicle systems by eliminating the need for additional wiring; and providing steady, uninterrupted vehicle positioning data in urban areas and multistory parking houses.


Faltering Connection in Urban Environments

Having your GPS device suddenly lose track of your whereabouts or going haywire when entering tunnels or dense urban areas is something most drivers have experienced. Any positioning device requires at least four satellites within range to give you an accurate position at any time; fewer than that and the device quickly becomes unreliable. 

ADR elegantly solves this by constantly monitoring change in distance and direction at the moment connection is lost. In other words, the moment your vehicle enters a tunnel, ADR kicks in and determines your current position based on how far you have gone and how the vehicle is steered.


Accurate Positioning with Assistance from CAN

Simply adding ADR, however, is not that easy. This is where Antzertech’s expertise in in-vehicle communications come into play. Antzertech’s CAN-to-ADR integrates the ADR chip with CAN Bus, giving the ADR chip easy access to data taken from ECUs (Embedded Control Units) in the vehicle. As CAN is the go-to architecture of most vehicles, this lowers the threshold for system integrators and circumvents compatibility issues. Moreover, the compact size of the CAN module removes the need for costly re-design of legacy systems.

Antzer Tech portfolio includes three series that offer full CAN-to-ADR functions: the CAN Bus and GNSS Mini PCIe Combo Card (GADN Series), the GNSS Mini PCIe/M.2 Card (ANNA Series), and the Vehicle Tracker (RIFA Series) of products. This diverse set of modules allows easy integration of automotive dead reckoning no matter your in-vehicle requirements.

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About Antzertech

Founded in 2015, ANTZERTECH CO., LTD. is one of the subsidiaries of Innodisk Corporation (5289: Taiwan). Targeting the rapid-growing IoV (Internet of Vehicles) market, Antzertech committed to innovation and with exceptional expertise of CAN bus (RAW CAN, OBDII, J1939), J1708, GNSS positioning, Dead Reckoning, Motion Sensors and Wireless Communication.

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