Antzertech's MQTT Vehicle Tracker Saves Network Bandwidth Yet Improves Real-Time Response

Taipei, Sept. 22, 2020 – Antzertech, an Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and telematics solution provider based in Taiwan, announces support for the standard-based MQTT protocol in its vehicle tracker products. MQTT brings exceptional advantages to customers and strengthens Antzertech's industry-leading portfolio of vehicle tracker products.


Key Benefits for Customers

In comparison to traditional TCP-based trackers, Antzertech's MQTT-based trackers consume less network bandwidth and feature more reliable connectivity and better real-time response. As MQTT is a standard protocol widely used in IoT applications, customers can set up their fleet management platforms in public or private clouds. Antzertech's vehicle trackers also enable customers to save significant costs thanks to MQTT's light data load – without compromising trackers' rich features.

The Right Protocol for Next-Generation Fleet Management Applications

MQTT is an open standard protocol created for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency, or unreliable networks – typical for vehicles in fleet management applications. Compared with HTTP, MQTT features faster response and throughput, as well as lower battery and bandwidth usage, making it well suited for fleet management applications where connectivity is intermittent, bandwidth is at a premium, cloud applications need to interact with multiple tracking devices, and reliable data transmission is a key requirement. Thanks to MQTT's low bandwidth requirements, users can leverage low-cost data plans or LPWAN such as LTE-M or NBIOT. 

Industry-Leading Solutions for All Vehicle Tracking Needs

Antzertech's tracker products include features like multiple vehicle I/O interfaces, user-defined geofencing, driving behavior alerts, Mobileye™ Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) notifications, ODBII and J1939 CAN protocols, dead reckoning (DR), patented CAN-to-ADR technology, and multiple options of WWAN communication interfaces. With these rich feature options and flexible customization options, Antzertech's vehicle tracker products fulfill all application requirements and easily connect to users' cloud applications.

Antzertech is a subsidiary of Innodisk Group. Leveraging Innodisk Group's integrated sales network and support, we provide comprehensive products and services to global customers.
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About Antzertech

Founded in 2015, ANTZERTECH CO., LTD. is one of the subsidiaries of Innodisk Corporation (5289: Taiwan). Targeting the rapid-growing IoV (Internet of Vehicles) market, Antzertech committed to innovation and with exceptional expertise of CAN bus (RAW CAN, OBDII, J1939), J1708, GNSS positioning, Dead Reckoning, Motion Sensors and Wireless Communication.

With comprehensive hardware, software and system integration knowledge and profound experience, Antzertech aims to provide the trusted and advantageous solution for Tracking, Telematics, Asset Monitoring and IoT applications. For more information: