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ANTZER TECH’s Automotive-Grade RIFA OBDII/J1939 vehicle tracker provides a compact, economic, easy plug and track dongle for fleet management market. RIFA’s self-designed firmware not only supports OBDII and J1939 protocols, but also integrates superior cellular modem (modularized), highly sensitive GPS and accelerometer in one end-to-end solution. With built-in antennas for both GPS and LoRa modules, RIFA engineers a truly robust connectivity. Tracking unit is a perfect solution for fleet management, usage-based insurance, driver behavior management, auto rental and automotive applications.


  • Build-in OBDII Connector, Easy Plug and Track

  • Configurable Vehicle Protocols, Support OBDII and J1939 

  • Built-in G-Sensor for Harsh Condition Detection

  • G-Sensor for Harsh Condition Detection

  • Bluetooth and LoRa Communication 

  • Optionally Support Untethered Dead Reckoning (UDR)

  • Geofence  

  • Sleep Mode for Power Saving and Auto Self-Diagnostic

  • Download the datasheet and user manual HERE


Public Transit

Remote Assets Management

Precision Agriculture

Cold Chain Management

Vehicle Diagnostics


Mobileye ADAS

Electronic Logging Device

Usage-based Insurance


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