Product Overview

LoRa Sensor Receiver : RIFA-RG Series 

For logistic especially cold chain application, there are vehicles or refrigeration trucks which need take care foods and medicines with temperature and humidity control. Integrated T/H monitoring solution for data logging, RIFA-RG is a LoRa receiver which can acquire LoRa sensor information to vehicle computer for well monitoring. RIFA-RG’s small form factor is designed to fit logistic application wherever connecting to vehicle computer or GNSS tracker.


  • Small form factor for easy installation

  • Wireless data transmission via proprietary LoRa

  • Support 1 x RS232 for data communication

  • 2 x LED indications for system power and transition status

  • Well penetrating power and long range transmitting

  • Download the datasheet and user manual HERE

LoRa Sensor Receiver