With patented technology and cloud-based management, Antzer Tech empowers the possibility of AIOT. 

Santa Clara, CA , August 7, 2019 – Antzer Tech, an IoV(Internet of Vehicle) and telematics solution provider based in Taiwan, is pleased to announce a series of products with patented CAN-to-ADR technology and smart cloud-based management IoT solution. The CAN-to ADR technology allows vehicle positioning at the area of weak or no GNSS signals, such as tunnels, underground or urban canyon, eliminating additional cabling effort and cost for wheel-tick and direction input. Combining with the highaccuracy positioning, driving behavior alert, CAN Bus data and customized cloud-based platform, Antzer Tech provides an ideal solution for vehicle tracking and remote fleet management.

The DR (Dead Reckoning) increases the availability of continuous accurate positioning under challenging conditions, such as in tunnels or indoor parking facilities due to signal blockage; multi-level roads which can confuse satellite receivers; and urban canyons because of the significant satellite signals reflection. There are two types of DR technology: The UDR (Untethered Dead Reckoning) combines inertial sensing data, GNSS signals (a.k.a. sensor fusion) and sophisticated dead reckoning algorithms to keep the positioning system on track; the ADR (Automotive Dead Reckoning) further improves the UDR accuracy through obtaining speed information from the vehicle. However, it requires additional cables installation. In order to reduce the extra effort and cost for cabling, and still maintain the same positioning accuracy as ADR, Antzer Tech acquires speed information through vehicle CAN bus and develop our unique CANto-ADR technology. The CAN-to-ADR function is now available in Mini-PCIe Card & Vehicle Tracker series.

Antzer Tech’s product features include user-defined geofence, driving behavior alert, Mobileye™ ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) notification, patented technology and multiple options of costefficient communication. Those information can be transmitted through wireless networks back to the backend center for smart cloud-based management, which also enable the possibility of AIoTinto the IoVindustry as building blocks. Antzer Tech is one of the subsidiaries of Innodisk. With InnodiskGroup’s integrated sale network and support, we are able toprovide comprehensive service and product to our customer.

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About Antzer Tech

Founded in 2015, Antzer Tech is an expert providing trusted innovative vehicle communication (RAW CAN, OBDII, J1939, J1708, FMS) products & solutions. With comprehensive hardware, software and system integration knowledge, Antzer Tech aims to provide the most advantageous and seamless solution for Fleet Management, Public Transit, Law Enforcement, Vehicle Data Collection, Vehicle Tracking, Telematics, UBI (Usage Based insurance), and Unmanned Vehicle System. For more information about Antzer Tech, please visit