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Product Overview

BLE Temperature Sensor : ELSA-BT Series 

ANTZER TECH’s ELSA-BT is a high quality, battery powered, rugged-design with IP66 rating Bluetooth Temperature Sensor. It is small, compact and super easy to activate which requires only a step: plug-in the buckle. ELSA-BT is a great tool for improving product quality of freshness, and also suitable for monitoring those temperature sensitive products such as agricultural products, frozen food, chemicals, vaccines and medicine. 


  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 long range transmission up to 70 meters
    (open field)

  • Battery life cycle up to 3 year

  • Compact design with IP67 waterproof casing

  • Temperature, expiry date and internal battery capacity monitoring

  • LED indicators for alarms and the status of the device

  • Time stamp is included in the message for expiry date management

  • Easy operation: simply buckle/unbuckle to switch between operation and idle mode

  • Support remote configuration: temperature thresholds, expiry date and the parameters for sensor calibration

  • Download the datasheet and user manual HERE


Cold Chain Logistic Solution : B-Fresh

ANTZER TECH’s cold chain logistics solution is comprised of temperature sensor, gateway and cloud management system to assist businesses in real-time monitoring of their storage ambient temp, expiry date and establish a database to meet management needs in the distribution, warehousing and retail process of ingredients.

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