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Integration Technology :

CAN Bus Communication

Keep Track of Vehicle Statuses via OBDII and J1939

*J1708 on RS-485 is also available

Antzer Tech specializes in designing and developing our own firmware and hardware, and we are capable of accommodate proprietary requests.

CAN bus (Controller Area Network Bus) connects ECUs, allowing which to communicate with the entire in-vehicle system. Therefore, we can easily get the information of vehicles from CAN bus. Among the protocols that run on the CAN bus, OBDII protocol is mostly used in small vehicles; J1939 protocol is widely used in commercial trucks, tractors and other heavy-duty vehicles. Different from OBDII and J1939, J1708 is the protocol based on RS485 interface. Similar to J1939 protocol, J1708 is used in tractors, heavy duty and older model of commercial vehicles.

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