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The newly introduced device, MART Mobileye™ Interpreter, supports Mobileye™, OBDII and J1939 protocols for fleet management and applications for Internet of Vehicle (IoV)

Taipei, Taiwan, May 15, 2018 – ANTZER TECH, an IoV and telematics solution provider, has launched the new MART Mobileye™ Interpreter for fleet management market. MART Mobileye™ Interpreter allows in-vehicle computer to record notifications from Mobileye™ ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) without additional programming. The user-friendly device also provides access to CANbus to extract data from OBDII or J1939, which is ideal for feet management, public transit, and law enforcement vehicle management.


Adding more values to the alerts and notifications targeted to drivers from Mobileye™ ADAS, the MART Mobileye™ Interpreter transmits all Mobileye™ ADAS events and alerts to in-vehicle computers, including Forward Collision Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition, Lane Departure Warning, etc.

With the access of the notification records, the fleet managers in back-end center can monitor, react to the urgent situations, and utilize the data for more applications. Driver behavior and route optimization can also be accurately examined. MART Mobileye™ Interpreter helps adding extended and powerful aftermarket services.


In addition, the device supports the access of CANbus channel, and passes the data through RS232 interface to the in-vehicle computer for more applications. The sophisticated firmware embedded allows the interpreter to read more than 20 diagnostic data from OBDII or J1939 protocols on vehicles.


Additional controllers and programming are not required prior to use, and the configuration can be done with settings through simple commands.

ANTZER TECH’s MART Mobileye™ Interpreter is now available for order. For inquires, contact us at: or visit official website at

and Facebook at

About Antzer Tech

Founded in 2015, ANTZER TECH is an expert providing trusted innovative vehicle communication (RAW CAN, OBDII, J1939, FMS, J1708) products & solutions. With comprehensive hardware, software and system integration knowledge, ANTZER TECH aims to provide our partners and customers the most advantageous and seamless solution for Fleet Management, Public Transit, Law Enforcement, Digital Signage Player, Vehicle Data Collection, Vehicle Tracking, Telematics, UBI (Usage Based insurance), and Unmanned Vehicle System.

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